The mural at Orthopedic Magnet was funded by the City of L.A. Community Beautification Grant in 2006. The school is new and students wanted to do a mural to help develop and express school spirit. Students had many meetings with myself (artist for the project)to develop their ideas. The primary image they wanted to include was the viper as it is the motto for the school and we decided to have it slither through the mural giving continuity to mural and the two school buildings it is on. Orthopedic Hospital next to the high school provides medical programs and mentoring to the high school and these efforts are reflected in the mural. The mural also contains images of various school activities and symbols of empowering words. A ceremony was held when the mural was in place.


Orthopedic Medical Magnet Mural “Viper Spirit”

                    acrylic on plastic  6’ x 48’ 2007