To encourage students to increase their  appreciation of reading they were invited to do artwork of their favorite book and fifty of these were then chosen for inclusion in the mural. The mural depicts the cosmos filled with ten open books each of which contains the childrens artwork. Students then helped paint the mural under the guidance of myself as artist. One part of the mural  is the retention of a  section of an older mural. It was charmingly incorporated as a slightly flattened earth and many little hands participated in retouching this section and painting a multitude of flowers. A video was made by the grade five class of the making of the mural and a book was made for the library chronicling the development and creation of the mural. At the completion of the mural a school assembly was held to honor participants. This magical mural at Ivanhoe had the participation through these varied efforts of 150 -200 students.


Ivanhoe Elementary Mural  “Reading Opens Up The World” 

                                      acrylic on stucco 11’ x 150’