Janet Wallace


Janet has a BFA with art education from NSCAD University in Halifax, Canada.

For more than 30 years she has been working  creatively as an artist, muralist, art in fashion designer and art instructor.

“While at NSCAD University Janet participated in a one-year “World Encounter Program” which allowed her to travel around the world studying the art in Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, India, England. “Being exposed to the art of so many cultures gave me insight into the shared basic instincts that compel people to express themselves creatively. I thought of these expressions as "Art Marks" and started my creative ventures under this logo.”

In the early 80's, while living in Vancouver, Janet started hand-painting original tee-shirts and this mushroomed into doing hand-painted items including umbrellas, duvets and interiors. She created original clothing designs and a line of silk-screened tees with an indigenous influence. Janet produced a video of her “Art Marks” line and did various fashion shows. The clothing sold successfully in boutiques and department stores  including: Great Salt Marsh (New York), Leones, The Bay, Eaton’s (Vancouver) and Fred Segal (Los Angeles).

Private art commissions including portraits and art installation pieces have been something that Janet has done since she was very young.

She also has worked as a freelance clothing and surface designer/illustrator in Vancouver and Los Angeles.

Janet has taught art to people of all ages, both individually and in groups for the past 3 decades. In the 80’s in Vancouver, 90’s Malibu and currently in Los Angeles. She enjoys teaching and sharing her experience with students.

For the past decade Janet has focused almost exclusively on large scale mural projects in the Los Angeles area many of which have community involvement. She has completed more than 40 such projects most recently a “Celebration of the Sea”   2000 sq. ft. mural painted on a construction barrier at Santa Monica Pier. She particularly enjoys working on projects that have real significance to the community.

Currently Janet is enjoying working on her own artwork which she has continued to do throughout the years and intends on prioritizing creating and showing her work in the future.